Fyffes Plantain Chips

Plantain Chip varieties

Introducing the new and delicious alternative to potato chips -  the Fyffes Plantain Chip. Choose from three tasty varieties - mildly spicy, lightly salted or slightly sweet - and whether at a picnic, watching TV or at work, Fyffes Plantain Chips provide a tasty tropical treat for any snacking occasion.


The Plantain

In Europe plantains are relatively unknown, but in Central and South America and in parts of Africa, plantains are much loved as a staple food. Although they are from the same family as the banana, plantains have some important differences.Plantain


  • are lower in sugar and richer in starch;
  • need to be cooked before they can be eaten;
  • like the potato, are usually part of the main course or a savoury side dish.


Fyffes Plantain Chips

In the tropics, plantains are also very popular as a snack and now we can enjoy the wonderfully earthy plantain taste in snack form too. Fyffes Plantain Chips contain only natural ingredients for a fuller, fresher flavour - great for sharing with friends!

Try Something Different

Looking for something a little bit special? The savoury plantain chip offers a tasty alternative to potato crisps. In a unique preparation process the fresh plantain is peeled, sliced and cooked in a premium quality palm oil, all within an hour or two of being picked. The oil used has a milder taste and allows the natural, exotic flavour of the plantain to dominate and the cooking process we use reduces the fat content, producing lighter, crispier chips.Natural Taste


Fyffes Plantain Chips - The Healthier Alternative

  • less than 18% fat 
  • less than 1% salt
  • more than 7% fibre
  • rich in vitamins


Fyffes - Quality assured

We are proud of our plantain chips because they are produced with respect for the growers, their communities and the environment.

As always, the Fyffes Blue Label is your assurance of good quality and great taste.


For further information, please contact:

Oscar Dominguez

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