Fyffes + FoodCloud = 90,000 meals

Nobody likes to throw food away when in other parts of the world, or even closer to home, there are many going hungry. However, carefully managing the contents of your fridge can be a difficult task, so imagine how complicated this can be for big food suppliers like us...

Thank goodness for FoodCloud, to whom companies like us can donate their surplus stock.

FoodCloud then redistributes the food to its charity partners – and with this brilliant idea they are providing support to more than 650 charities across Ireland. And we are very happy to be part of it!

Every day we provide the stores with delicious bananas, but sometimes having a few too many in stock is unavoidable. Why is that? Well, we always need to have enough bananas ready to send out to the supermarkets, but when, for example, customers buy less bananas than expected, supermarkets order less of our fruit. Maybe you’re familiar with this scenario yourself? Perhaps, when the temperature suddenly rises outside, you find yourself reaching over the top of the fruit bowl for a cold drink. Which is of course hard for us to understand☺​Nevertheless, you rightly expect fresh, ripe bananas on the shelves at all times. This can make perfect planning difficult, but luckily we have found a great solution.

Since 2016, we have been working ​with FoodCloud in Ireland – a social enterprise and registered charity with a vision for a world where no good food goes to waste. FoodCloud works in partnership with retailers and the food industry to redistribute surplus food to charities and community groups across Ireland and the UK.​

Together, Fyffes and FoodCloud have redistributed over 37 tonnes of surplus bananas, which has an estimated charity saving of €112,200 and is the equivalent of nearly 90,000 meals.

Speaking about Fyffes’ consistent banana contribution, Tom Kiersey, Account Manager at FoodCloud, said: “FoodCloud is extremely grateful for Fyffes long-standing contribution of bananas to our hubs. The consistent weekly supply enables our charity partners to save on their food costs, allowing them to reallocate resources into their core services.”

Worldwide, 33% of all food produced is wasted, and one million tonnes of food is thrown out by Irish consumers and businesses every year, while 1 in 11 people in Ireland experience food poverty. This food waste contributes to everything from greenhouse gas emissions, to stress in water systems and biodiversity.

Working with FoodCloud is a win-win, giving charities ​the access to a supply of fresh food and giving businesses the opportunity to support their local communities in a meaningful way – while minimising food waste too.

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