Fyffes and PLUS partner to create one of Europe’s first Fairtrade and climate-neutral banana

18th April 2019 |

Fyffes and PLUS partner to create one of Europe’s first Fairtrade and climate-neutral banana.

The Dutch supermarket chain PLUS and long term partner Fyffes have teamed up to make the banana supply chain even more sustainable. Stewardship for the planet is one of the key pillars of Fyffes Sustainability Strategy. This initiative involves launching new blockchain technology to provide traceability so consumers can know exactly where Plus bananas come from and how they have arrived on the supermarket shelf.

Fyffes is the leading supplier of Fairtrade and organic bananas in Europe. This initiative aims to have the first Fairtrade and climate neutral banana on the supermarket shelves by this autumn. “We are aiming to give our consumers complete transparency”, says Joris Schonk, commercial director Fyffes. “Through the use of blockchain technology, consumers can pinpoint the farm where their banana bunch was grown, the hard-working farmers who bring this delicious and healthy fruit all the way to the shopping basket. Consumers can follow the process and see impacts on water consumption and climate.”

In further cooperation with SIM and the Rabobank Fyffes encourages consumers to “tip the farmer”. With a direct and quick donation consumers are able to support certain projects that farmers have in order to reduce their CO2 emission. Climate impact Banana cultivation has various impacts on the environment and the use of blockchain technology allows growers and distributors to understand those impacts using hard data. By identifying critical points in the supply chain, Fyffes can reduce the CO2 footprint and provide Plus supermarkets with the most sustainable banana in the Netherlands. Increasingly consumers are looking for responsible, honest products and want to know where their products come from.

Eric Leebeek, commercial director of PLUS Retail: “At PLUS we stand for Good Food. And Good Food comes from a healthy chain. Bananas have been the most sold item in the supermarket for years. Enough reason to take the next step, because we can make an impact with this.”

Fyffes integrates sustainable practices in all areas of its operation to respond to climate change and ensure that natural resources are efficiently managed, conserved and enhanced for future generations. About Fyffes Fyffes Limited is a leading international importer and distributor of quality tropical produce and mushrooms headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Founded over 130 years ago, Fyffes is the world’s oldest fruit brand. Fyffes has trading, farming and export operations in Europe, North, Central and South America, with long established trading relationships with grower groups in Central and South America.

The company’s primary activities include production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution and marketing of bananas, pineapples, melons and mushrooms. A commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility is at the heart of the Fyffes brand, which has been recognized with numerous international certifications for best practices in social, environmental and general sustainability issues. Fyffes is the number 1 importer of bananas and the leading marketer of organic and Fairtrade bananas to Europe, as well as the importer with the world’s highest number of Global G.A.P. certified production partners.

Fyffes has been a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation since 2017. For more information on PLUS, please have a look on plus.nl/


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