UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Fyffes Group Ltd operates within the fresh produce sector. Our UK business is about growing, sourcing, shipping, ripening, distributing and marketing bananas and pineapples and occasionally tropical melons. People, partnerships and quality produce are the key to our past, present and future.
Our Gender Pay Gap report is based on data as at 5 April 2022, at which point the number of employees was 483. This was made up of 277 males (57%) and 206 females (43%).

Fyffes Group Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to ensuring that our workplace is free from unlawful discrimination at every level and there is equality of opportunity for all. We are committed to ensuring that all employees are recruited and promoted solely on merit, and everyone is treated with dignity and respect at work. This applies to all aspects of employment including recruitment and selection processes, opportunities for training and promotion, in terms and conditions of employment and general treatment at work.

Pay and Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Proportion of males/females in each quartile pay band

Gender Pay Gap remains on our agenda. We are committed to the principles of equal pay and there are no differences in pay rates for different genders occupying equivalent roles. A gender pay gap is not the same as unequal pay. We continue to focus on providing all employees, regardless of gender, with a working environment that gives fulfilling and rewarding job roles.

I can confirm that the data reported above is accurate.

John Hopkins, Managing Director.


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