Fyffes Focuses on Access to Healthy Nutrition by Fighting Food Loss and Food Waste

29th September 2022 |

To mark UN International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, Fyffes has partnered with food charities across the globe to ensure that, at this time of rising prices, the most vulnerable in society continue to have access to healthy nutrition.

For 2022, Fyffes has chosen food banks and food charities as the recipients of its European and North American community investment donations. In addition to the regular donations of fresh fruits, Fyffes has donated €10,000 to FoodCloud in Ireland to ensure the organisation can maximise the use of their surplus food to support their 600 community partners.

In addition, Fyffes donated just over €5,000 each to the following food charities:

  • Fareshare in the UK, a long-term partner of Fyffes which will be used to support their logistics and distribution;
  • Voedselbank in the Netherlands to support their outreach programme to the most vulnerable community members;
  • Hamburger Tafel e.V. in Germany to help the organisation tackle the increasing costs associated with reaching families and individuals in need of food; and
  • Feeding South Florida in the USA, an organisation located nearby Fyffes melon distribution centre.

These food donations help Fyffes achieve their sustainability commitments, which are to:

  • Reduce food loss in all our own operations by 80% by 2030; and
  • Provide five millions healthy meals to vulnerable communities by 2025 by working with qualified partners

Speaking about this achievement, Fyffes Sustainability Manager Stella Davis said: “At Fyffes, we are determined to reduce food loss and ensure the surplus reaches people who will benefit from our healthy produce. Since the 2020 target was set, Fyffes has provided nearly four million healthy meals to vulnerable communities, including over 848,000 meals to communities near Fyffes fruit farms in Latin America where access to healthy produce remains a challenge despite the abundance of fresh produce in the locality. We are on track to comfortably exceed our five million meals target before the 2025 deadline.”


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