Fyffes wins Best Supplier PLUS Retail award and the CSR category

23rd October 2019 |

(Rotterdam, October 18, 2019) — Fyffes, one of the world’s largest and oldest tropical produce importers and distributors, has been awarded by its long-term partner PLUS Retail as their best supplier in 2019 and winner of the CSR category “MVO”. Together with PLUS Fyffes has continuously been working on making the PLUS banana supply chain more sustainable.

The joined efforts make it possible to provide the fairest possible banana to date: A Climate neutral & Fairtrade banana which is traceable thanks to blockchain technology. Since the beginning of October Dutch consumers can purchase climate neutral Fairtrade bananas at PLUS and can trace the individual banana journey from Colombia to their shopping basket via QR code. By offering complete transparency, PLUS and Fyffes want to provide clarity about the origin of the bananas and provide insight into all joint efforts in the field of people, nature and climate.

The award was received on the PLUS Retail supplier day. Erik Brand, Key Account Manager says: “We are delighted to be honoured by these awards. It has been a challenging mission for all of us but the close cooperation between the PLUS project team, our production, marketing & sales departments made it happen”. Transparency in the banana supply chain is key: There is a growing demand from consumers for responsibly produced products and more interest in the origin of products.

By accurately mapping the banana chain, it becomes clear where most sustainability impact and improvements can be achieved. With the application of the blockchain technology, all steps in the chain are recorded, linked and made transparent. By scanning the QR code on the individual bananas and entering the corresponding Fairtrade FLO ID, consumers can follow the entire route their banana travels, from plantation to shopping basket. Joris Schonk, Commercial Director Europe says: “It is great to see that working together on aligned sustainability strategies can realize those important projects.

This approach is a benefit for all parties involved throughout the banana supply chain including the consumers.” Sustainability and responsibility Since the company’s inception in 1888, Fyffes has been committed to bringing the world the highest quality product, while striving to maintain the highest environmental and sustainability standards across its operations. Responsible for the shipment of over 100 million boxes of bananas, pineapples and melons each year, Fyffes understands the environmental impact of its actions. For this reason, it is committed to collaborating with its supply partners to continue protecting the world’s natural resources. Joris Schonk, Commercial Director Europe says: “As part of our Sustainability Strategy and as part of one of our four pillars – stewardship for the planet, Fyffes has initiated its own series of projects aimed at measuring, managing and reducing its carbon footprint.

One such project involves setting aside forested areas to promote carbon sinks.” Fyffes manages a 43 percent conservation area that is part of the company’s owned banana and pineapple farms. This conservation area is made up of important primary and secondary forested areas that absorb and capture carbon dioxide, thereby removing it from the atmosphere. In addition to this effort, Fyffes has also begun a baseline study to identify its carbon footprint along each component of the company’s supply chain, which will be complete by the end of 2019. A respect for the environment and a commitment to the principles of sustainability are at the heart of the Fyffes brand, and the company looks forward to continuing to work in collaboration with its partners to develop and implement new solutions and practices that will result in a positive impact on the environment.

To learn more about Fyffes, visit Fyffes.com, as well as Fyffes’ social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


Fyffes Limited is a leading international importer and distributor of quality tropical produce and mushrooms headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Founded over 130 years ago, Fyffes is the world’s oldest fruit brand. Fyffes has trading, farming and export operations in Europe, North, Central and South America, with long established trading relationships with grower groups in Central and South America. The company’s primary activities include production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution and marketing of bananas, pineapples, melons and mushrooms.

A commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility is at the heart of the Fyffes brand, which has been recognized with numerous international certifications for best practices in social, environmental and general sustainability issues. Fyffes is the number 1 importer of bananas and the leading marketer of organic and Fairtrade bananas to Europe, as well as the importer with the world’s highest number of Global G.A.P. certified production partners.

Fyffes has been a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation since 2017. (www.fyffes.com)


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