Fyffes Elevates Trudi’s Consumer Brand at Fruit Logistica

6th February 2024 |

Following the successful introduction of Fyffes consumer brand Trudi’s, last October, the company is set to showcase the new brand campaign at Fruit Logistica. This innovative activation promises guests an immersive experience with Trudi’s, offering a firsthand encounter with the brand.

Rooted in extensive global consumer research, Trudi’s is built on the consumers’ desire to ensure that the consumed fruits contribute positively to communities and the lives of those involved in cultivation. The tagline of Trudi’s is ‘Good fruit, doing good,’ reflects a commitment to empowering women, quality education, and improving nutrition in the communities where Fyffes own farms and supplier farms operate.

This week, at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Fyffes is set to engage in strategic discussions with its retail partners. The primary focus will be on presenting Trudi’s distinctive value proposition, underpinned by the extensive go-to-market strategy and robust marketing activation. The goal is not only to build consumer awareness but also to strategically drive traffic and facilitate conversion for Trudi’s in the European market.

Fyffes presence at Fruit Logistica marks a pivotal moment for the Trudi’s brand, aligning with the company’s dedication to excellence and social responsibility. Through this dynamic initiative, Fyffes aims to solidify further Trudi’s position as the leading consumer brand that not only offers premium produce but also actively contributes to the betterment of communities worldwide.


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