About us

Our vision is to be a leading integrated provider of the finest quality produce by working with our people, communities and customers to sustainably enrich lives around the world.

Who we are

Fyffes is one of the largest and oldest tropical produce importers and distributors. With an infrastructure that reaches across the globe, Fyffes is truly an international player, involved in the production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution and marketing of bananas, pineapples, and melons.

Since 1888, Fyffes has been committed to bringing the world the highest quality products, inspiring people to feel excitement about our products and making a positive difference for our growers and farmers, our customers and the environment. Today, Fyffes is the largest importer of bananas in Europe and the no. 1 importer of offshore melons in North America.

Our head office is in Dublin, Ireland. We employ over 10,000 people worldwide and have offices in 12 countries.

Partnerships & Innovation

We have traded for over 130 years and believe that to get the best fruit and to do it sustainably we need to develop strong, long term partnerships with our growers and their communities. Partnering with certain grower groups in Central and South America for over 50 years has taught us a lot about corporate citizenship and has helped us engage in community development programmes. Through these partnerships, we’ve developed industry leading techniques that improve efficiency, deliver consistent quality and support sustainability.

Our Business

Fyffes activities span the globe - involving communities and growers, shipping and grocers. Explore our global activities, our mission, our people and more.

Explore our global activities

130 Years & Counting

Explore our incredible journey - one of intrepid explorers, some lucky breaks and lots of smart people - ready for the next world spanning chapter.

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