Our Products

We care deeply how our produce is grown, harvested and travels from farm to table. We aim to provide the finest quality produce while ensuring a positive, social and sustainable future.

Fyffes has spent over 100 years developing our farms while also building strong relationships with partner growers. This enables our growers to benefit from longer term agreements and pre-agreed prices and it enables Fyffes to invest in quality and support. It’s about confidence and sustainable supply. We work with our partners to internationally recognised codes of practice that focus on worker welfare and environmental sustainability.

  • Bananas

    A mood and energy booster with a creamy texture - explore this fantastic fruit.

  • Pineapples

    Juicy and delicious - full of flavour and vitamins but low in calories.

  • Melons

    This ancient and hydrating spherical fruit has a story worth delving into.

  • Exotics

    Satisfying our curiosity for exotic and tropical flavours, all year round.