Organic & Fairtrade


For over 20 years Fyffes has been working with selected farmers in countries like Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador to produce organic fruit. With these specialists we utilise natural farming methods and a sustainable approach to protect the environment and our communities.

It’s good - naturally!

When you buy organic you expect the products to meet the highest standards. All of our Fyffes organic growers in Central & South America work with us to be environmentally responsible. Our audit team constantly ensures that our own standards and those of internationally recognised organisations are met, day in and day out. We also help smaller growers to put the processes into practice.

All of our Fyffes organic bananas are certified by the inspection system of the EU Organic Regulation and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Regulation, according to their destination. Each one is naturally tasty, grown sustainably, and benefits from the expertise of the world’s oldest fruit brand.

  • Responsibility & Trust

    Fruit carrying the Fyffes Bio Organic label is sourced from farms with organic certification and all points along the supply chain are designed to protect the integrity of organic produce. Comprehensive traceability systems ensure that the fruit can be correctly identified and accounted for at every stage.

    Fyffes currently supplies Fyffes Bio Organic bananas to several markets in Europe and North America. A hummingbird label has been chosen for these bananas because these beautiful but very fragile birds symbolise our ambition to minimise our impact on the environment and work in harmony with nature.


Rooted in Our Commitment

Our ongoing commitment to our growers and their communities has led us to become a pioneer in Fairtrade. Today, Fyffes is Europe’s biggest supplier of Fairtrade Certified bananas and applies the principles of fair trade to all its fruit production, not just the ones with a Fairtrade label.

What is Fairtrade?

The Fairtrade certification ensures fair prices to our farmers, protects their rights and contributes to the creation of a sustainable living and working environment where families and communities can thrive.

Good for Farmers

Farming fairly. Trading fairly. Fairtrade guarantees a fair price and quality-of-life improvement through a social premium fund. It not only provides a way to improve growers’ income and workers’ wages, but also provides infrastructure and support for self-governed life improvement projects. In addition, it encourages farming and business practices that ensure environmental sustainability for future generations.

Through Fairtrade, farmers receive a minimum set price for their crops, as well as financial and technical support, safe working conditions, economic development, and education. They become stakeholders and reinvest profits to strengthen their business and communities with projects such as health clinics, schools, housing, and leadership training. Fairtrade certification also ensures that farmers obey all internationally monitored environmental standards and implement sustainable practices.

Good for you

A small change that can change the world. Your buying power can make a real difference. By buying Fairtrade Certified products, you help support programs that make the world a better place. Fairtrade Certified bananas are fruit of the highest quality. Grown according to Fairtrade practices, observing strict farming standards while ensuring fair pricing and labor practices, these bananas don’t just taste great, they feel great.

For every single box of Fairtrade Certified bananas shipped, a fixed amount – the social premium – is invested in social and economic projects including training and education, housing, infrastructure, and environmental protection to ensure future sustainability, while you enjoy the best fruit and a peace of mind that comes from helping improve farming communities and preserve the planet.