Certifications & Standards

Fyffes has worked across all areas of our business to attain the highest levels of certification from globally recognised organisations. This has improved our product quality, our work practices, safety and sustainability in every aspect of our business.


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    This is the globally recognised standard and certification system for Good Agricultural Practices, applied to all our supply chain and covering food safety, environmental and worker health and safety aspects of on-farm production. We have been involved in this standard since the very beginning. A number of add-ons also cover subjects such as Social Practices (GRASP), Fusarium wilt Tropical Race 4 (TR4) biosecurity measures, Produce Safety Rule (PSR US Food Safety Modernisation Act), which we also apply accordingly.

  • Rainforest Alliance Standard

    Commonly known by the “green frog” logo appearing also on our products, this standard comprehensively covers environmental and social/ethical compliance on farms. Fyffes has also been involved extensively in strengthening and rolling out new versions, providing us with hands-on experience in innovation in the standard and anticipation of new market and regulatory requirements.

  • Fairtrade International

    Fyffes is the largest provider of Fairtrade certified product by volume, and has been a stalwart supporter of the undeniable benefits certification to Fairtrade brings to smallholder farmers, communities and workers. The Fairtrade label means fruit is sold at a premium on the market, and this premium is handed back down the chain to the farm source, funding sustainability related projects and initiatives that raise the quality of life for the smallholders who struggle in normal market conditions.

  • Fair Trade USA

    Whereas Fairtrade International products sold by Fyffes are mostly bananas, for the US equivalent standard we also sell melons in addition to bananas. The principles are very similar to the European organisation, and the Fairtrade Certified brand is well recognised in the North American market.

  • Organic EU Standards

    Fruit certified as organic complies with the EU’s strict regulations on fertilizer and crop protection products that can be used, whose organic origins are verified on farm during inspections. Organic production is a commitment to reducing impact on the environment and producing wholesome products from natural inputs.

  • USDA Organic Standard

    The equivalent organic standard for the US market, it applies similar principles and philosophy of natural production, regulating inputs using the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) list.


    The SEDEX database provides full transparent traceability of the highest standards of ethical and social compliance, based on the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) base principles and international agreements on Human Rights. Sedex Member Ethical Trade Assessments (SMETA) verify and help demonstrate fulfilment with these obligations and provide guidance for effective continuous improvement.

  • Primus GFS

    For the US market Primus GFS is used on melon farms for certifying full compliance with the US Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA). Audits are comprehensive and cover both “ranches” and “packhouses”.


    BRCGS Standards are among the leading food safety standards, as recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative and demanded by the market. The BRCGS certification provides guarantees to our clients that the highest food safety measures are in place. Our pineapple packhouses in the tropics as well as ripening and distribution centres in the UK and Ireland are certified to the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard, while our European sales offices* are certified to the BRCGS Agents & Brokers Standard.
    *Note: only Rotterdam is certified. The audit of FISA and branches is on 18th September, 2023.

  • IFS

    A food safety packhouse standard initially developed for the German and French markets, this standard guarantees safe product for our continental European markets.


    The Pineapple Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica is accredited as an ISO 17020 Inspection Body, and carries out annual verification of compliance with the world class environmental and labour legislation in Costa Rica.

  • Corbana

    The Costa Rican Banana Chamber of Commerce carries out annual verification of our banana suppliers, with our own banana farms consistently achieving results among the top performers in the country.

  • Carbon Trust

    The UK Carbon Trust Standard recognises organisations for reducing their carbon emissions. Based on a rigorous independent assessment, it certifies that organisations have measured, managed and reduced their carbon emissions and are committed to reducing them in the future. In 2010 Fyffes Group Limited (UK) became the first UK Banana Importer and Distributor to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, after taking action to reduce its carbon emissions by nearly 8% over the preceding three years. The Carbon Trust Standard re-certify companies every two years. Fyffes maintains its certification in the Uk and in Ireland and its commitment to continue to work to reduce emissions.

  • ISO 45001

    We have adopted ISO 45001 for Health and Safety at a corporate level and follow management principles set out in this recently published international standard.

  • ISO 26000

    Although this is a guide and not a certifiable standard, the application of ISO 26000 is used at Fyffes as a way to demonstrate commitment to sustainability and overall performance.

  • SCS Sustainably Certified

    Developed with the objective of fully considering and highlighting sustainability in its three dimensions (economic, social and environmental), SCS Sustainably Certified brings our pineapples into line with this market recognised standard which features a “kingfisher” logo on its products.